Smoked Pork Butt

This one takes a long time, but is worth the wait.



  • Pecan and apple (5050)


  1. Apply a light coat of mustard to the entire exterior, getting mustard down into any folds and crevices
  2. Pour rub onto top of pork butt and use hands to massage it into the meat
  3. Leave pork butt on counter for 30-45 minutes
  4. Preheat smoker to 225°F to 240°F
  5. Cook pork butt with pan underneath or in disposable aluminum pan
  6. After 4 hours, insert thermometer probe
  7. Continue cooking until thermometer reads 205°F
  8. Remove from smoker and allow it to rest for 30 minutes before shredding
  9. Transfer drippings to container and refrigerate
  10. Remove bone from the pork butt by sliding it out
  11. Use two forks to pull the meat apart into small chunks
  12. Remove the cold pork drippings from refrigerator and skim off and discard the fat that has solidified on top. Mix remaining jus into pork to add flavor.


Yields: 6 to 8

Cook Time: 10-12 hours

Source: Jeff Phillips